What Are the Safety Precautions That a Safe Driver in Dubai Must Take When Driving a Vehicle?

Safe driving is the mark of an expert and professional driver. It reduces the risks of accidents and allows drivers to give their passengers a complete sense of security and peace. Safe driving in Dubai requires you to follow all the standard traffic rules and regulations. Not adhering to these can lead to many complications and can even cost you your driving license.

Here are some safety precautions that a Safe Driver in Dubai must follow;

  1. Use Seatbelts

Seatbelts are highly effective in case of accidents. They keep you in your place upon impact and prevent you from crashing into your windscreen due to inertia. Wearing a seatbelt requires very little effort on your part. However, doing this simple thing can be lifesaving in case you fall into an accident.

  1. Maintain a Safe Distance

The safe driving distance depends on your vehicle size, speed, and driving conditions. Usually, 3 seconds rule for small and 5 seconds rule for large vehicles is effective in finding the safe braking zone. Using these rules, you can easily find a safe distance from where you can easily apply brakes to prevent accidents.  

  1. Never Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is among the leading causes of death in many parts of the world. Alcohol dulls your senses and leads to unconsciousness. It reduces your reaction time and that will cause you to crash either on the footpath or into other vehicles. Driving under influence is a serious crime and it can lead to imprisonment which is why you should never do that.

  1. Stay in Your Lane

Always stay in your lane and follow the speed limit of that lane. If you are in the fast lane and some vehicle approaches you, you need to use the indicator and give that vehicle way. Do not change lanes unless it is absolutely necessary and always use an indicator before you start moving your vehicle in some other lane. This way you will give drivers behind you a heads up and they will slow down giving you time to switch.

  1. Do Not Overtake

As a professional Safe Driver in Dubai, you should not overtake while going fast in your lane. Overtaking is a pretty dangerous move and should only be used when the driver in front of you is considerably slow and when you have room to do so. If someone behind you wants to overtake you, then it is better to give them the way so that both of you stay safe.

  1. Remove All the Distractions

Do not eat, drink, use the phone, or listen to music while driving. All these things can disrupt your attention and that can lead to loss of control of the vehicle. While driving, you need to be fully attentive to the road and anything that takes your focus away from the road should be stopped at once.

This way you will be able to drive safely even for long distances. Driving carelessly can seriously risk your life as well as the safety of your expensive vehicle which is why you need to remove all distractions.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the basic precautions that must be followed when driving around in Dubai. A Safe Driver in Dubai must stay alert at all times so that there are very few chances of them breaking any traffic laws even by accident.

So, no matter whether you are driving someone or just yourself, always be mindful and never neglect these driving precautions. This way, you will be able to have the best driving experience without risking your or anyone else’s life.