What Are the Responsibilities of a Safe Driver in Dubai?

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What Are the Responsibilities of a Safe Driver in Dubai?



Drivers must be cautious regardless of the road they are on. It is critical to recognize that driving is both liberating and unjust. When a Dubai driver obtains a license, he or she has certain responsibilities as a safe driver in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai revised the traffic rules in March 2017, which had a favorable impact and resulted in a minor drop in traffic offenses and road incidents.


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There are some fundamental and primary obligations that every safe driver in Dubai must adhere to while driving.


Dubai’s Driver

Speed Limits That Are Reasonable

A safe driver in Dubai should be able to adhere to the speed restrictions set for various roadways.

As we all know, the speed limit is 65 mph, but going 100 mph is dangerous, regardless of the rate, because it puts our own self, family, the company, and our surrounding vehicles and passengers, as well as anyone else, at risk. Drivers must adhere to the speed restrictions and avoid exceeding them; otherwise, the driver will be fined. Legal action will also be taken against the driver in accordance with UAE traffic legislation.


Follow the Traffic Regulations

Traffic signals are essential tools for traffic management. Every driver on any vehicle must obey the signs, rules, and regulations established by UAE legislation.

It is mandatory to stop on red alert and never break traffic regulations, whether you are a driver or not. The following are the rules:

  • Lane discipline refers to the use of (white line) markers to maintain traffic discipline. The road is separated into lanes, and drivers drive their vehicles to follow them as an extreme left lane for heavy and slow-moving vehicles, and an outer right lane for overtaking. As a result, always adhere to the proper road methodology.
  • Traffic signs on the side provide crucial information to road users; drivers should properly respect these signs and notice dangers to avoid harm.


Increase your following distance

  • Continuously assess driving conditions: 

The driver is aware that the passenger is unable to see adequately outdoors.

To avoid an accident, safe driver in Dubai keeps their eyes moving and scans the mirror every 10 to 5 seconds to keep a full view of what’s going on around them, which is very necessary to monitor other drivers’ vehicle speeds and many more.


  • Adverse weather circumstances: 


If you are planning a journey and are a driver, the main thing is to check or search about the weather conditions on the web to avoid any mishaps, and then drive at the following distance and be given an appropriate path to avoid any crashes.


  • Be Patient: 

Heavy traffic jams on the road or trailing a truck are difficult to avoid. So take your time, stay in your lane, and wait.


  • Driving while worried or tired:

Drivers may be stressed out owing to family, work, health, weather, or other issues, but try to keep and control yourself when driving on the road due to absent mind-produced problems, otherwise, you may be fined heavily.


  • Driving While Distracted

It is a great duty to drive that vehicle on the road; it is not simple. Drivers constantly keep a close eye on the road, but looking at scenery is not a good idea, nor is checking emails or looking at a laptop, nor is using mobile phones to receive calls from family, friends, or spouses, nor is texting with others.

These are the factors that take a driver’s attention away from the road and can result in a fatal or injury road accident. Be patient with the courtesy, respect, and dignity of other drivers. You should not drink and drive.


  • Driving Techniques for Safety

To reduce risk, be aware of your surroundings and apply common sense while driving. There are some safe driving approaches for this: Wear a seatbelt and safety helmet at all times: First and foremost, always wear your seat belt. Drivers and passengers using seat belts can save lives and lower the probability of fatal injuries by 50-60%. Some people enjoy riding motorcycles; they must wear safety helmets in case of an accident.


  • Vehicle Examination

Is there any doubt that your car inspects and checks properly before driving? Before driving, make sure the side mirrors are in the proper position, the engine is in good working order, the tires are tight, the fuel tank is full, and the windows are totally clean of snow, ice, or fall.


  • Conclusion

Finally, we conclude that as responsible users (drivers), we should not only take steps to save our Dubai and other people’s lives, but we should also observe road etiquette to help create a better environment of traffic discipline that reflects the civility of society so that we can demonstrate ourselves as a Dubai RTA law-abiding and responsible nation.