Is Hiring a Private Driver in Dubai Worth it? Here’s the Truth

private driver

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of hiring a private driver in Dubai is the cost. People come to the conclusion that it is expensive, without even thinking of the benefits. 

In reality, the benefits of a private driver far outweigh the cost. And considering the value of the service, hiring a private driver in Dubai is inexpensive.

The glitz and glamour of Dubai come with an ever-increasing population. More people in the city mean more people on the road. No matter how big the roads get, traffic can still be a challenge.

Hiring a private driver in Dubai can make transportation easy. But what is the cost of hiring a private driver in Dubai? And once you learn the answer, you immediately think “is hiring a private driver worth it?”.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of hiring a private driver and finally see if it is worth it.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Driver

You might not be familiar with the local transportation options in Dubai. That’s where hiring a private driver can come in handy. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a private driver in Dubai:

Convenience and Flexibility

With a private driver, you don’t have to worry about finding public transportation or trying to get a taxi. You also have the flexibility to travel wherever you want. And that too without having to worry about schedules or routes. A private driver can take you directly to your destination, without any stops or detours.

Personalized Service

Your driver can help you with your luggage, and make recommendations for places to eat or visit. He can also give you insider knowledge about the city. They tailor the trip to your needs, like taking a scenic route or stopping at specific locations.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

A private driver has local knowledge that can be invaluable when you’re visiting a new city. They know the best routes to take and can navigate around traffic and road closures. If you’re a visitor to Dubai, you can ask for information about local events and attractions. 

Safety and Security

Private drivers in Dubai experience rigorous training and background checks. They have high standards of professionalism and safety. They also drive well-maintained vehicles that are regularly inspected for safety and reliability.

The Cost of Hiring a Private Driver

These are the factors that you need to look out for when you think about the cost of hiring a private driver:

Cost of other transportation options

Hiring private drivers can be more expensive than public transportation. But, be it taxis, the metro, or the bus, none of them can match the convenience of a private driver.

Types of services offered

Private drivers offer a range of services, from airport transfers to full-day tours. This is not how other transportation services work.

Average hourly and daily rates

Hourly rates can vary depending on the type of vehicle and services offered. But can range from around AED 100 to AED 500 or more. Daily rates are typically higher.

Extra charges

Extra charges may apply for things like tolls, parking, and waiting time. It’s important to clarify these with the driver before booking to avoid any surprises.

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Hire a Private Driver

The length of your stay in Dubai can play a role in whether it makes sense to hire a private driver. If you’re only in town for a day or two, it may be more cost-effective to rely on other transportation options. But, if you plan to be in Dubai for a long time, a private driver may offer more convenience and flexibility.

The purpose of your visit can also influence whether a private driver is the right choice for you. If you’re in Dubai for business, a private driver can help you navigate the city and get to meetings on time. If you’re on vacation, a private driver can give you a more personalized travel experience.


Hiring a private driver service in Dubai is more expensive than other ways to travel. But the extra money that you pay comes in the form of unmatched comfort and peace of mind.

Of course, hiring a private driver is not everyone’s cup of tea. But all the factors and benefits mentioned in this article will help you understand if it suits you.

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