How Much Does an Airport Transfer Cost in Dubai?

dubai airport transfer

Landing at the Dubai Airport, there is no other important thing but a quality airport transfer service. A reliable airport transfer service assures the possibility of reaching from the point of landing to your hotel room in the most comfortable environment. 

There are different ways to travel to and from Dubai Airport. One can take a rental car, bus, or subway or hire a private taxi. All these services charge you differently, and we are going to look into them in detail in this article. 

This information is going to be very helpful for beginners in Dubai, who have less or absolutely no idea about how costly the various Dubai airport transfer options are.

Here is how much you can expect to pay for an airport transfer in Dubai

Airport Transfer Costs in Dubai Based on The Transpiration Type

OptionPrice (AED)Price ($)Time (min)
Bus 51.2625

Dubai Airport to Downtown by Taxi

Hiring Safe Driver Dubai is the most convenient, simple, and quickest way from the airport to downtown—just take a taxi service from one of the ranks at the airport in Dubai. 

These cream-colored vehicles have different roofs which are an indication as to the person who is driving it. For example, in the region where there are pink-roofed vehicles predominantly, most women use pink-roofed vehicles. Pink-roofed vehicles are considered the best choice for women traveling alone in the region

Usually, it takes about 20 mins for you to reach from Dubai airport to downtown. And it costs you about AED 60. The price may vary based on the road conditions & the exact location where you want to go.

Here is a list that shows how much taxi fare you need to pay when moving from Dubai airport to some of the most popular nearby destinations.

FromToPrice (AED)Price ($)Time (min)
Dubai AirportCity Center601520
Dubai AirportGlobal Village9824.6025
Dubai AirportSharjah1203040
Dubai AirportBollywood Parks22556.5050
Dubai AirportAbu Dhabi32982.5090

Dubai Airport to Downtown by Bus

And for those light travelers who would mind saving a few bucks and at the same time enjoy the journey, they can easily use the service of a bus or a Dubai shuttle. Less costly, though even more consuming time, you can travel by bus. 

Based on your terminal, you can expect to reach your destination in about 70 to 80 minutes.

If landing at terminal 1, the local 33 bus stop would be straight outside through the exit doors. It takes about 14 minutes to travel to the Metro City Center bus stop on the same bus. Get on bus 27, which can be taken to downtown Dubai in about 30 minutes.

Bus number 20 from terminal 2 will drop you at the NMC Hospital 2 stop. From here, take bus X22 to the city center, which lasts around 70 minutes.

Last but not least, when one comes to Terminal 3, one will have to board the CBD bus C01 to Dnata 2, from where one will transfer to Bus 27. This one will be able to get from Terminal 3 to the centre of Dubai in approximately 75 minutes.


First, you will have to buy a Nol Card from the automatic machines at arrival points and top it with up to AED 7.5. You can purchase a red ticket for AED 2 which can be used for subway, trains, and buses. 

Another option is a silver card which costs you about AED 25 and is valid for buses, subways, parking, trains, etc. The bus fares with these cards are lower. You can also go with gold cards which also cost you about AED 25 and are mainly used for rides at Dubai Train’s gold class.

Dubai Airport to Downtown by Subway

Dubai Subway is a very cheap yet comfortable airport transfer option. There are two subway stations at terminals 1 and 3 at Dubai Airport. The Red subway line goes to both stations and travels to the city center every 4 to 7 minutes.

You can pay for the subway using the Nol Card. The costs of AED 5 and AED 6 are for silver and red cards respectively. Moreover, children under the age of 5 are out of charge. 

Vehicle Rental from Dubai Airport to City Center

You can also go with a driver-outsourced Dubai service for this purpose. This will allow you to quickly move from the airport to your hotel and from there to see different sites.

All are bookable in advance. Under the normal flowing trаffiс conditions, the average time from Dubai Airport to the city center is 20 minutes. Car rental should be available at around AED 30 a day. You can also get AED 400 a week or AED 1200 a month. 

Final Words

With the benefits offered by the airport transfer services, these services make your stay in this grand city a lot merrier. Picking a taxi is a saver of time and offers more comfort to your travel if that is of the essence. Use the bus or subway service if you are on a budget.

Last but not least, you are even able to hire your car for some period in time to be able to enjoy the city to its full. Mostly, that is a matter of preference for you and the level of comfort that you are searching for. Be careful while selecting the service for airport transfer, which gives you more convenience, comfort, and saving of time. So that you can get maximum output from your trip.