Struggling to Hire a Safe Driver in Dubai? Our Complete Guide Makes It Easy!

hire a driver in dubai

In a wealthy city like Dubai, more and more cars are getting on the road every day. Unsurprisingly, traffic is always on the rise. Even people who’ve been driving for years are finding it hard to get around in their cars.

Hiring a driver is a safer option for most people. It is also more affordable than buying a car. You’ll get the comfort of not having to drive on busy roads on your own. And the promise of a smooth ride by a professional driver. 

But nowadays, there are so many companies to choose from. And there is barely any information on how you can hire a driver for you. So to make life easier for you, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can hire a safe car driver in Dubai: 

Determine Your Needs

The first step in hiring a safe driver in Dubai is to find your needs. Do you need a driver for your daily commute, airport transfers, or special events? Do you need a driver who speaks a particular language? Or are you specifically looking for a corporate driver? Once you know your requirements, you can begin searching for the right driver.

Ask for Referrals

Once you know the kind of driver service you need, the next step would be to find a driver-providing company. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to ask your friends or family who have hired a driver in Dubai. 

They can give you firsthand information about the driver’s quality, reliability, and punctuality. You can also search online for reviews and ratings of driver-hire companies in Dubai.

Do a Background Check

After you find a driver, the next step would be to check for their authenticity. You should make sure to ask for proof of license and insurance. This protects you in care of any accidents or damages. 

You must then verify their identity and check if they have any driving violations. You can ask the driver to hire a company to know more about the driver’s background. 

Check the Quality of Drivers

The quality of the drivers is essential for your safety and comfort. Ask the driver hire company about the driver’s qualifications and driving experience. They should have a  good driving record. They should know the local roads, landmarks, and popular tourist attractions.

Determine the Availability and Flexibility of the Service

When you’re living in Dubai, you might need a driver more often than you think. So see if the driver hire company offers 24/7 service and availability on weekends and holidays. Find out if they have different options for booking, such as online booking or phone booking. You should also ensure that the driver is available close to your location. 

Compare Prices and Packages

These days, driver-hire companies to offer a variety of prices and packages. So it’s important to research and compares the rates to find a suitable package that is within your budget. But, it’s crucial not to compromise on quality to get a better deal. You should also keep an eye on whether the package meets your specific needs. 

In effect, pick a driver-hire company with good prices, high safety, and excellent service.

Book the Driver

Once you’ve found a safe driver who meets your requirements, it’s time to book them. You can book them online or over the phone, depending on the driver-hire company’s booking process. Head on to the company’s website to check their booking process. 

Of course, you need to call them to enquire about the steps given above. While on the call, you can mention any special requests that you may have. Make sure to give them your exact pick-up location, time, and the number of people for the ride.


In conclusion, hiring a safe driver in Dubai is not a difficult process if you follow these steps. And once you find the best driver service Dubai has to offer, it’s all roses and rainbows. Traveling becomes easier, safer, and more affordable.

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